Au Pair definition – What is an Au Pair?
The word “Au Pair” is a French term, which means “on par” or “equal to”, denoting living on an equal basis in a correlative, caring relationship between the host family and the children. An au Pair will typically be a young woman and sometimes a young man from a foreign country who chooses to help look after the children of a host family and at times share a small part of housework. The Au Pair is given room and board and is typically paid a weekly “pocket-money” salary. Au Pairs generally stay with their host family for one year.

Taking part in the Au Pair program is a good chance to learn and experience the culture in a foreign country at a relatively low cost, flexible time and with plenty of opportunities for widening your knowledge.

How to write a letter to impress host families?

A good profile or self-introduction letter is the key to finding the most suitable host family for you. You should give them detailed information about yourself, for example, Are you Introverted or Extroverted? Do you like Quiet or Noisy places? Show them that you know who you are and what you do.

Next, briefly present your family and describe it. Don’t forget your interests, hobbies, your part-time jobs, language ability, AND your childcare experience. Host families always expect the best care and protection for their children, therefore, describe your childcare experience as clearly as possible, for example, describe the age of children you took care of, the amount of time you did it, your responsibilities, etc.

Besides, a nice photo will make your profile much more appealing to viewers.
Most importantly, be truthful, open and cheerful. As long as you are honest in providing information and answering host families’ questions, they are always willing to help you with anything you need. The more honest you are, the more trust they will put in you. And when they can trust you, they will consider you as their family member.

What do I have to do if conflict arises and I want to change to another host family?

There will always be a representative from MY AUPAIR nearby to help you at any time. They will give advices and try to find a way to solve the problem. If necessary, they will arrange a direct discussion between you and your host family in their presence to look for the best solution.
After all, if the best solution to the problem is ending the relationship, MY AUPAIR’s representative will support you in finding a more suitable host family.

What duties will I have to do as an Au Pair?

Most of your duties as an Au Pair are related to childcare, for example: preparing breakfasts, playing with the kids, etc.

What is the difference between an Au Pair and a Nanny?

While a Nanny is someone who is required to have experience in taking care of children and is hired only to look after the kids and receive monthly paying, an Au Pair is someone who lives with the host family with the main purpose for staying is for them to experience the life in a foreign culture.
An Au Pairs is regarded as a member in the family, a big sister who plays a part in taking care of her little ‘siblings’.
Moreover, the Au Pair cultural exchange program has its own regulations about the working hours limitations, amount of time for Au Pairs to relax and travel, weekly ‘stipend’, and language courses for Au Pairs to attend, and so on.
The Au Pair agencies and host families have to adhere to the regulations to guarantee the rights and benefits of Au Pairs.

Can I apply to be an Au Pair at any time or do I have to follow the company’s schedule?

You can come to MY AUPAIR and submit your application at any time of the year, but the amount of time that it takes to make you an actual Au Pair depends on the demands of host families in your target country.

Why should I choose MY AUPAIR instead of other companies?

With MY AUPAIR, you are promised to receive wholehearted supports throughout your Au Pair program. In case that such unexpected problems as conflicts occur between you and your host families, or the host families discretionarily terminate the contract, which lead to the need for finding a new host family, we can assure you that MY AUPAIR will help you find your new host family and protect your rights until the and of the program.