Visa interview tips

Time: Generally the interview time would be between 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. but you should come about 10-15 minutes early.
Remember to bring your appointment paper to be allowed to go into the Embassy.

How to make a good impression?

It is very important to make a good impression at the beginning and during the interview. In some cases, the visa consular can reject your visa for “personal reasons”, or in other words, you did not make the consular feel good about you.

What you should do:

Dress neatly and try look polite but comfortable.
Make sure you have the necessary documents. Your documents should be put in the right order (MY AUPAIR will help you arrange your documents).
Prepare for the interview questions: make brief, honest and straight answer, do not go around the corner – quickly get it to the point. (MY AUPAIR will help you prepare with our trial interviews)
Stay calm, be confident. Keep eye contact with interviewers when you answer their questions.
There are other interview tips you can learn in MY AUPAIR’s interview training courses for free.