1. You have graduated from high school, aging 18-26
2. You must have a communicational level of the target language and be able to provide evidence of your language skills by passing MY
AUPAIR’s entrance test (fee-free)
3. You have a great passion for the culture and people in your target country
4. You are single and do not have kids
5. You have not been an Au Pair in your target country before.

1. Entrance test
2. Signing in the program contract and complete the program fee
3. Preparing candidate profiles, looking for host families and taking part in the necessary courses.
4. Talking to host family
5. Applying for visa at the target country’s embassy
6. Getting ready and go.


1. Unexpired passport valid for at least two years.
2. School transcript or Temporary certificate of high school graduation
3. Certificate of high school graduation
4. University offer letter
5. Student card
6. School transcript in university/colleges (if available)
7. Certificate of bachelor degree (of available)
8. Language certificate (if available)
9. Five (05) photos sizing 4×6 or 5×5 (passport photos)
10. Five (05) photos taken with friends/family or taken during outdoor activities
11. Photos of you playing with kids or taking care of them
12. Certificate of Childcare/First Aid (After agree to the contract, you can take part in the childcare/first aid courses at our associated kindergartens in preparation for being a Au Pair.
13. Letter to host family (In English/German/French, on A4 paper)
14. Au Pair Application form

Cautions: Items 8 to 14 need to be translated into English/German/French and notarized. This varies with different situations.