I/ Papers and documents

Immigration card, visa, passport: you cannot go without any of these documents

II/ Checked baggage and hand baggage

Only two luggage weighting 23kg and 7kg respectively are allowed, you have to decide what should be brought with you and what should not, because if you are overweight you must leave something at the airport and have to buy abroad with expensive price.
For more information about baggage, go to your travel agency/airline company’s instruction.

III/ Money

You should have around $ 300-500 in cash to cover some of your early days expenses such as travel or personal expenses.

IV/ Emotions

You should be prepared to enter a new life full of surprises and fun but accompanied by difficult emotional stages when living away from family friends.
While waiting for visa interview results, My Aupair will help you with preparation and notify you of some issues to pay attention for before upcoming flight.