Just like medical first aid, child care is one of the important skills for an Au pair because the first task of an Au pair is to play the role of the eldest sister in the family, helping parents care for their children. My Aupair is affiliated with The Little Garten Kindergarten to offer courses in child care.
With My Aupair’s child care course, you will be equipped with the necessary theoretical knowledge and skills through a theoretical and hands-on session.
For the theoretical knowledge, future Aupairs will receive a specific syllabus including childcare skills as well as background knowledge needed about child feeding. Besides, you will have a chance to learn from the valuable experience that our former Aupair has gained during the time of living with their host families. These experiences together with the knowledge of the childcare course will definitely give you confidence in integrating into your new life.
For practice, you will have the opportunity to visit The Little Garten Kindergarten. Moreover, you will be able to directly observe the foreign teachers who take care of and manage the pre-school kids there, as well as directly participate in the class and play with the children. Practical observations are definitely an enjoyable experience and a great help to you in taking care of your children in the future.