With the aim of improving the quality of Aupair as well as helping you become more confident in integrating into the new environment, My Aupair offers a first aid course. The Aupairs will be directly guided by counselors about basic first aid skills for children. As an Aupair – the eldest sister in the family, you also need to master these basic first aid skills so that you can better give care for children in the family and raise your spirits and responsibilities as well as adaptability when encountering emergencies.
These basic first aid skills apply to frequent accidents that may occur with children in their daily lives. Accidents can be a child with a foreign object, burns, suffocation due to inhalation of tobacco smoke, electric shock, etc. Instead of waiting for an ambulance, we can actively apply the first aid. It is very important for children to reduce unnecessary risks and to help them less worry and calm in emergencies.
In addition to detailed instructions on basic medical first aid skills, we will also provide you with the most intuitive and vivid equipments, and you will be directly observed while practicing at the course.