When you take your first steps into the country you desire, you will certainly face certain difficulties. My Aupair will always support you in matters such as:

Using public transportation

Maybe Aupairs have found information about moving by public transportation through social networks, media or through friends and relatives. In that case, My Aupair will still give you advices on the most appropriate and cheapest routes.
Support for introductory courses (foreign languages, cooking, painting, etc.)

Most Aupairs participants expect to improve their language skills and knowledge of the country and people where they are coming to. That is why My Aupair will support the introduction of language courses that match your current level, as well as extracurricular clubs. In addition, My Aupair will also introduce other interesting courses such as cooking classes, drawing lessons, etc. Besides helping to reduce stress after the course, the courses also aim to improve your ability as well as your social knowledge.

Support of community integration and cultural integration
Joining the community and receiving western culture are certainly major obstacles for Aupair when it comes to living in a host family. Therefore, we always listen to you and share the difficulties that you encounter.